Engaging People & Business

Align your people strategy with your business strategy through personalized coaching and development opportunities. Our services include customized curriculum design, facilitation, training packages, coaching packages and personal/leadership assessments.


  • Shifting Your Perspective- Personal Coaching for Positive Change -Based on Applications of Emotional Intelligence Practices
  • Transitional Coaching- Remaining Focused During Change (new positions, retirement, life changes)
  • Leadership- Development and Performance Coaching
  • Certified Suite of Personal Assessments to Support Coaching include:
    • SixSeconds®Emotional Intelligence
    • MBTI® Personality Assessment
    • LIAT® Learning in Action- Emotional Intelligence Assessment
    • FacetFive® Leadership Assessment


  • Leadership Development Programs and Strategies
  • Understanding Emotional Intelligence and Its Impact in the Workplace
  • Leadership and Emotional Intelligence- A Personalized Journey Using Six Seconds® Emotional Intelligence Leadership Report
  • Team Building Using Emotional Intelligence- Individual Assessments and Team Profile Using SixSeconds® Brain Discovery Profile and Team Dashboard
  • Team Building Using MBTI® (Myers Briggs Type Indicator) Step II
  • Shifting Difficult Conversations to Meaningful Conversations
  • Shifting our Perspective-Being Smart with Our Emotions- A Personalized Journey-Individual Assessment and Coaching

Our Purpose:

We strive to engage others in learning and development to enhance the quality of their personal and professional lives. We do this by providing meaningful and supportive coaching and training opportunities.

Our Values:

  1. We develop client centered relationships built on mutual trust and understanding.
  2. We provide value through enhanced awareness and accountability; resulting in growth and development for individuals, teams and organizations.
  3. Our business processes are based on transparency and honesty.
  4. As coaches we are committed to ongoing learning for self and others.