Engaging People & Business

Invest in the responsibility/ownership of your “life” or business strategy by engaging in personalized coaching and development conversations. Diane’s services include customized curriculum design, facilitation, training packages, coaching packages and personal/leadership assessments.


  • Shifting Your Perspective – Personal Coaching for Positive Change -Based on Applications of Emotional Intelligence Practices
  • Transitional Coaching – Reduce Anxiety and Stress During Change (new positions, retirement, life changes, etc.)
  • Leadership – Development and Performance Coaching
  • Certified Suite of Personal Assessments to Support Coaching include:
    • SixSeconds®Emotional Intelligence
    • MBTI® Personality Assessment
    • LIAT® Learning in Action- Emotional Intelligence Assessment
    • FacetFive® Leadership Assessment

Programs (available upon request-currently 2021 virtual offerings only):

  • Shifting Your Perspective- Taking on the challenge of positive change!
    • A personalized Journey- Individual Emotional Intelligence Assessment -Short Term Coaching.
  • Team Building: Creating Awareness of Emotional Intelligence and Its Impact on Team Performance
    • Individual Assessments and Team Profile Using SixSeconds™ Suite of Emotional Intelligence reports
    • Enhancing team communication where everyone communicates with understanding and respect
    • Developing team agreements to build practical application of learning and on-going accountability
    • Individual and Team Coaching sessions as supplement to learning
  • Understanding Emotional Intelligence: An Introduction to EQ and Its Impact on Personal Growth and Life Effectiveness
  • Shifting Difficult Conversations to Meaningful Conversations: Utilizing Compassion and Empathy to help others achieve Change
    • Engaging the emotional intelligence principles of intention, compassion and empathy to deepen your own and/or others performance and fulfillment
    • Yes, compassion and empathy are essential to leadership!


“Engaging others to take responsibility for their own learning and development; enhancing the quality of their lives and professional endeavors.” Taking on the challenge of happiness!


  • Diane develops client centered relationships built on mutual trust and understanding.
  • Diane’s coaching provides value through increased personal awareness and responsibility.
  • Diane’s business processes are based on transparency and honesty.
  • Diane is committed to lifelong learning.