Finding some relationships difficult? Hearing familiar performance feedback? Feeling Stuck?

If this caught your attention, you might be ready for the next step in your life or career development.

Sources of health, happiness, and successEvolving Your Emotional Intelligence can be Transformational!

Emotional Intelligence is the ability to be self-aware of our own emotions, to be conscious of the emotions of the people around us, and to manage our emotions effectively in relationships, even when those relationships become difficult.

Have You Heard?

  • Emotional Intelligence is equally important as IQ in achieving professional and personal success in our lives.
  • Emotional Intelligence is the primary determinant of the quality of our relationships, at work and in our personal lives.
  • Emotional Intelligence is developed and sustained through our interactions with others.
  • Emotional Intelligence can be developed through awareness and focused practice which can dramatically improve the quality of our lives and those around us.

This program is designed for those interested in making targeted efforts to evolve the core dimensions of their Emotional Intelligence (EQ). It will focus on intentional change for positive, successful and rewarding outcomes in life and relationships.

This workshop focuses your learning on:

  • Self-reflection and choice.
  • Self-regulation to effectively manage yourself in relationships.
  • Empathy and the importance of developing empathy accuracy.
  • The science behind how the brain works and its’ relationship to emotional intelligence.
  • How awareness can bring about profound changes in your emotional reactions and your life.
  • Between sessions you will build emotional resilience by practicing awareness and choice exercises.

Optional Pre-workshop Preparation: In advance of the workshop participants benefit from completing the on-line Learning In Action EQ Profile ™ assessment and attending a 90 minute debrief session with a certified EQ coach.

Enhance Team Engagement and Team Effectiveness using the Power of Understanding

Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI Step ll™)

The MBTI™ is a valuable team development tool designed to generate greater understanding and new insights for all team members. By integrating relevant and interactive activities into the Myers-Briggs Step ll workshop, intact and interdependent teams experience TYPE™ in action.

During the workshop your team will:

  • Review how personality preferences affect the way we focus our attention, make decisions, gather information and interact with the world around us.
  • Gain an insight into the “MBTI types” on your team and the associated strengths they bring.
  • Increase the teams’ ability to understand and embrace the different preferences making up the team.
  • Design strategies for building more effective team relationships by:
    1. Maximizing your team’s diversity.
    2. Making full use of each person’s talents and abilities to increase team performance.
    3. Being adaptable and open to change and helping others be the same.
    4. Understanding why certain task assignments suit specific preferences.
    5. Supplying a framework in which team members can understand sources of and better handle conflict.
    6. Helping individuals understand how different perspectives and methods can lead to useful and effective problem solving.

Pre-workshop Preparation:

In advance of the workshop participants will be asked to complete the on-line MBTI Step ll™ assessment.  It will take approximately 30 minutes to complete. The full report will be debriefed during the workshop.

Customization:This workshop can be customized to address specific needs of the team and can be delivered at your worksite.

Shifting Difficult Conversations to Meaningful Conversations

Let’s re-examine difficult conversations by understanding the nature of “conversation”. Conversation is an active, vibrant and sometimes forceful process. It involves; how we think, what we think, how we feel and what emotions we express. It also includes what others are thinking, how they are feeling and what emotions they experience as a result of our conversation. Conversation is the basis for relationships– with ourselves and with others. It provides a framework for how we connect and how we respond to “realities” we must face. Conversations and words are what the brain remembers and relies on to interpret life and the world around us. Nothing happens without conversation! Conversations can strengthen, damage or heal relationships. Conversations always include ourselves and others.

This course is founded on:

  1. Understanding how to have meaningful conversations in an intentional way
  2. Understanding the impact of those conversations
  3. Being familiar with a method to prepare, plan, hold and debrief conversations
  4. Examining the factors that affect how we share, interpret and withhold information.